– Heat Wave

Maddy’s boss may be handsome and sharp as a tack, but he’s so shy and reserved. She’s tried everything to entice him and tease him with peeks at her stockings and bod, but so far he hasn’t taken the bait. If Maddy wants to pierce the icy cool of her Mr. White’s reserve, she’s going to need to hike up her skirt and waggle her plump butt, or go a step further and dip one of her breasts in his mouth. Finally, Mr. White jumped on the chance to bed his secretary, and his cock stood stiffly at attention. Lying across her boss’s desk, Maddy wrapped her mouth around his cock, sucking it tip to tail while she tugged the shaft. Fulfilling a fantasy she had from day one on the job, Maddy got on all fou

Download – Dani Mathers in Dangerous

Playmate Dani Mathers gets some sun and sand in this hot set from photographer Josh Ryan. Petite at five feet, one inch, Dani is short, but in our opinion, she’s very, very sweet. “I do a lot of public appearances,” she says, “and one of the first things people say to me is, ‘You’re so short!’ They think I’m going to be, like, 5’7”, and all 5’1” of me shows up.” Shows up, and shows up the competition, too – we don’t know about you, but we love Miss Mathers just the way she is. On location in Cabo San Lucas, Dani reveled in her new Playmate status, and even got to do a little something else she’s always wanted to do. “When I was a kid, I went to Cancun on vacation,” she says. “I begged my parents to let me get my hair done in cornrows. So for this shoot, I definitely wanted my hair braided!” Her stylist said yes, and a head full of braids and a bikini later, she was shooting this gorgeous pictorial. Needless to say, the results are nothing less than spectacular.

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Download Video – – Dana Harem in Eyes for You

Czech International model Dana Harem has us seeing red in this set from photographer Holly Randall. Brown-haired, brown-eyed and generously busty, Dana had us checking flights to Prague from the very first look – but lucky for us, we don’t have to travel to the Czech Republic, ‘cause she’s right here on Playboy Plus. In a red bustier, black stockings and heart-shaped sunglasses, Dana plays the part of Lolita very, very well, and needless to say, she plays her private parts even better. “I’ve posed twice for Playboy in the Czech Republic,” she says. “Holly Randall contacted me to shoot for the website, and I felt like it was destiny. I love nude modeling!” The feeling is mutual, Miss Harem.

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Download Video – – Dani Mathers in A Day in Cabo

Playmate Dani Mathers spends the day in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in this sexy set from photographer Josh Ryan. All done up in a one-piece swimsuit, laid out on the beach, our Miss May reminds us of a certain someone else. “The celebrity look-alike I get the most often is probably Julia Roberts,” she says. “I think it must be the huge smile. But lately, with the blonde hair and big boobs, I’ve been getting Pamela Anderson. Pam is the OG beach babe, and she put one-piece swimsuits on the map, so I’m flattered. It’s a total compliment.” With Baywatch in mind, Josh and his team shot Dani right there on the beach, grains of fine white sand clinging to her sun-kissed skin. “I have to admit, I was in vacation mode,” says Dani. “I felt so fortunate to be able to work with Josh and his crew. It really pays to have such good friends.” Pays to be a Playmate, too – with as much sun and sand as she can handle, we’d say that our Miss May is very lucky indeed.

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Download Video – – Reby Sky in Secret Escape

Pro wrestler and Playboy model Reby Sky takes it to the next level in this set from photographer Jose Luis. All done up in a black leather jacket and boots, Reby is a bad, bad girl – and in the nude, she’s going to make you feel so, so good. ““The last time I shot for Playboy was four years ago, for Cybergirl of the Month,” explains Reby, “so needless to say, I was a little nervous about getting naked in front of a big group of people. But the whole crew was great, and I had a ton of fun on set.” We had a ton of fun with Reby, too – Reby is one hot wrestler, and we’d let her put us into submission any day of the week. “My Playboy experience has been amazing,” she says. “I’m so excited for you guys to see these photos, and I can’t wait to shoot again!” Until next time, Miss Sky.

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Download Video – – Luna Sauvage in Italian Starlet

Italian model Luna Sauvage is so voluptuous in this set from photographer Emiliano Camatti. Dark-haired, with chocolate-brown eyes and full lips, Luna is una vera Italiana, and all done up in a cotton top and panties, she’s a very tasty little treat. “I’m Italian, so I love to cook and eat,” says Luna. “I love a plate of carbonara!” There’s nothing like a woman who knows her way around a kitchen, but this little lady knows her way around a camera, too, and let’s just say that we can’t wait to see what Luna does next. What do friends, Romans and countrymen have in common? They’re all in love with the sexy Miss Sauvage – and we think you’re gonna fall for her, too.

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Download Video – – Elizabeth Marxs in Wild Life

Cybergirl of the Year 2014 Elizabeth Marxs goes wild in this set from photographer Holly Randall. For her inaugural CGOY pictorial, we had Elizabeth in a skimpy bikini, traipsing through the Costa Rican jungle – but this time around, Miss Marxs turns heads in a black lace corset, stockings and heels. “The villa that we stayed at in Costa Rica was so amazing,” she says. “I’m from Texas, so I’m used to the heat, but this was different – it was so hot that Holly’s assistant had to cool me off with a fan! Nobody likes a sweaty model – or sweaty boobs!” We can’t help but disagree – here at Playboy, we think there’s nothing sexier than a little sweat on a woman, especially between a pair of natural breasts like Elizabeth’s. “I love dressing up in lingerie,” she says. “Classic lingerie shows off all the right parts of your body.” And how, Miss Marxs.

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Download Video – – Anika Shay in Bali

Amateur Anika Shay takes us on a tropical vacation in this hot set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. A model and makeup artist from Auckland, New Zealand, Anika is known as a bit of a free spirit, traveler and lover of exotic destinations – so when we told her she would be shooting her first sets in Bali, Indonesia, she was more than a little excited. “My Playboy experience has so far been amazing,” says Anika. “I feel like a member of an exclusive club.” In a red bodysuit and short shorts, we set Miss Shay to the task, and in front of Cassandra’s lens, she was anything but shy. “I’m healthy and curvy,” she says proudly. “If my body is a temple, then my butt is definitely the altar.” Worship the voluptuous Anika Shay, only on Playboy Plus.

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Download Video – – Ann Denise in Stairway to UK

British International model Ann Denise is on the up-and-up in this appealing set from photographer Joby Rawlins. Brown-haired, blue-eyed Ann is all done up in a curve-hugging pink top and panties, her long legs wrapped in a cheeky pair of mint-green knee socks. “Growing up in Manchester, things were rather prim and proper,” says Ann. “Low-cut tops were frowned upon. Let’s just say that I was considered a bit of a rebel in school!” Here at Playboy, we welcome low-cut tops with open arms. “This set was a lot of fun,” she says. “I loved the top and panties, but I’m glad I didn’t have to wear heels on those stairs. Heights are not my strong suit – I actually get terrible vertigo! Luckily Joby was there, and he made me smile and laugh the whole time.” We’ll be there to catch you, Ann – though we think we’re the ones falling for you.

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Download Video – – Rachel Lynn Owen in Masque

Cybergirl Rachel Lynn Owen indulges in a little fantasy play in this set from photographer Jose Luis. Black-haired, brown-eyed and very curvy, sexy Rachel Lynn is the girl of any man’s dreams, but in a little black dress and mask, she really takes it to the next level. “I like a man who’s smart and open-minded,” she says. “Someone with a sense of adventure. I want to be able to have fun.” Rachel Lynn takes off her mask, and then takes off her dress, too – and let’s just say that her lacy bra and panties don’t last long, either. “The craziest place I’ve ever had sex was in an art gallery, after it had closed for the night,” she says. “That’s my little secret – you’ll have to imagine the rest for yourselves!” If your mind is racing, you’re most definitely not alone – spend the night in with Cybergirl Rachel Lynn Owen, only on Playboy Plus.

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